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This is what I've been up to lj world. In burns I've finally found a place and people that are absolutely Right.
I'm back in NC now, which is so nice. There is a wonderful cat in my lap (Little Kitty) and a pie in the oven.

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Today's awesomeness needs to be recorded.
Woke up and drove down into the city to pick up 2 free 55 gallon steel drums from a nice man named Russel. I managed to fit both of them in my car (woohoo!) and then went on a thrifting extravaganza in search of white and blue bed sheets (they're for a hugeass fibers project)

I found the sheets I needed and a cedar chest! A nice man from NC named Brian helped me lug it to the car. He was like the women in my family- someone who goes to thrift stores a lot and is lucky/good at it. I really like our people, they're always the nice ones who are friendly and talk to people. It always makes me think of granny Kirby. I also a lot of great books.

I've been cleaning my steel drums and ripping up sheets in between going to different thrift stores. Today has been glorious. Now I have to go meet one of my teachers for happy hour- since she canceled class today its the least I could do. Tonight we are having roasted butternut squash stuffed with sausage and apples. Thursday I fly out to Montana to take care of Lindsay for a week! Yay.

Did I mention it was sunny and in the 70s today? Huzzah.

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The husband and I are good. The cats are alright (kittens have grown and Little's doing ok- he had to have some teeth removed, but I think it was more of a blow to his dignity). Holidays were good, my parents came up and we all went over to the Sherwood house for lunch on christmas day. I got pretty lucky with inlaws.
I'm starting the last semester of my 3 school BFA. Don't ever transfer, it takes forever to win your freedom. I'm excited to graduate and move on to other things.

LiveJournal is for venting right?

Little Kitty is at the vet. He has to get his teeth cleaned/the bad ones removed. He's an old kitty and I worry about him getting the anesthesia. I do not know what I would do if something happened to this cat, he's my heart. I've been sort of a low level panic all week, I know that it's for the best and that now his teeth wont hurt him, but I still worry. He's such a good kitty.

I'm going to be a wreck until the vet calls to tell me that everything went well and I can go and get Boo.

It's good to come home

In Boone at my parents house until slightly after new years. The drive up from charlotte was pretty epic. It's so beautiful though, the snow is fairly exciting when you're not driving in it. I plan on spending time giving kitties love, hanging out in the hot tub, and eating my fathers delicious cooking.
My parents house is as beautiful as always, I enjoy seeing what my mother has done with decorating- not living here makes the shifts less gradual, which is neat. It's like playing "spot the new art"
I'll be glad when Darcy comes up late in the week, but I'm pretty happy getting to see and spend time with my parents. Hopefully the snow lets up so I can visit with my grandmother.

I also really want to go to The Mexican Place, thai(for hotpots of the TRUE soup), Black Cat(for queso), coyote kitchen(for sweet potato fries), and bojangles(AHHH FRIES, TEA, AND BISCUITS) while I'm here. Drinking as much sweet tea as humanly possible is important. No matter where I go the food from Boone is the food that I miss and crave. There's something to be said for really knowing everywhere to eat for years on end. Too many choices make picking somewhere to eat and developing relationships with restaurants hard. I hope the mexicans forgive me and Lindsay for our long long absence.

If anyone still reads this (and lives in Boone) if you want to get together call/text/email me. I can't guarantee anything(weather, lack of car, family obligations), but I'd love to see people.

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It's the night before christmas and all through the house,
the kittens are jumping and ripping the couch.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. Peace on earth, good will to men, and all that jazz. Stay safe and warm everyone.


And now it is December

Kittens! Yay. We've got some. There are two- Tonks and Topher. They are very sweet, silly, and cute. Little Kitty loves them, I think he likes having friends. There are pictures on facebook.

Baltimore is still lovely. I love our house. I'm making stuff like crazy for Christmas. I'm a little disappointed by the lack of snow this year though- I wasn't hoping for a HUGE amount like last year, but I really enjoy flurries and small snows.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, my parents came to visit- good times and tasty foods were had.

I spiffed up my livejournal layout, since my old one had become unreadable. Twitter also got a revamp. I need to do blogger. It's been that kind of day.

nothing but treats

Halloween in Baltimore. I am wildly excited. All kinds of parties and events. Also a Rally in DC. Woo.

We've finally moved all of our stuff. I love the new house,it's very nice, bright, and big, and I love Baltimore. There is no end of cool stuff to do here. I think that I will like living in a city. It's a little ridiculous. There is also amazing food everywhere.

I need to keep getting stuff ready for tonight's adventures, but at least I tried to update. Sorry LJ.